Automated Billing Is Finally Here.

Healthcare providers deserve easy billing without Payer run-around.  Join the provider movement, start with a free demo.

Healthcare Claims Are Exhausting Your Practice


Healthcare providers waste $400 billion in administrative costs each year due to manual workflows, including multiple calls, faxes, and unnecessary delays with payers.

Lost Revenue

Claim denials are costing providers over $300 billion annually. Up to 60% of those denied claims are avoidable or recoverable.

Provider Burnout

Providers spend 48% of their time doing administrative work, including claims and revenue admin to maintain financial viability of their practice.

Your Journey To Automation

We simplify the revenue cycle by continuously analyzing your claims data,  digitizing and automating workflow, and centralizing payer communication.

Step 1:  Unleash Your Data

Simple, real-time visibility into your claims + Robust benchmarking against national claims data.

Step 2:  Automated Revenue Maximizer

Automatically flag denials, prioritize high revenue opportunities, and automate payer correspondence.

Step 3:  Automated Claims Hub

Automated claims cycle (coding, submission, and dispute resolution) + Central hub for all payer communication.

Maximize Bottom Line
Increase collections while reducing Revenue Cycle admin cost

Leverage Big Data
Learn best practices by benchmarking your claims against similar organizations

Data-Driven Decisions
Optimize your practice and make informed business decisions with real-time analytics.

Customer Testimonial …

DocVocate makes it easy to capture more revenue.  We believe in their vision of automated claims in a single platform.  Finally, a Silicon Valley team truly dedicated to doctors and patients!
Freyja Clinic, UCSF Affiliate

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Hanes Singh

Hanes Singh

Founder, CEO

Iver Band

Iver Band

Chief Architect

Arjun Kulothungun

Arjun Kulothungun

Data Science Advisor

Physician Advisors

Dr. Jan Rydfors

Dr. Jan Rydfors

Obstetrics, Freyja Clinic

Dr. Anshu Singh

Dr. Anshu Singh

Orthopedics, Kaiser

Harvard, UCSF
Dr. Kian Raiszadeh

Dr. Kian Raiszadeh

Orthopedics, CEO SpineZone

Berkeley, UCSD
Dr. Rishi Garg

Dr. Rishi Garg

Orthopedics, Congress Ortho


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