Cut Appeals Time by 75% with an Automated Appeals Process

The medical billing process in the United States has a long way to go when it comes to modernization, especially when we put the appeals process under the microscope.

For today’s medical billing organizations, the appeals process is still almost entirely manual. To make things even more complicated, each insurer has its own technology platform, its own rules, and its own processing system—which means that the process can vary from claim to claim every single time an appeal is filed.

John Gwin, Founder and CEO of The Auctus Group, was looking for a solution that would simplify this complicated and antiquated process.

The Auctus Group is a financial operations consulting firm that has worked with plastic surgeons and dermatologists over the past decade—primarily, as a revenue cycle management organization.

Because The Auctus Group serves hundreds of private practices, John needed a reliable and scalable solution to efficiently submit appeals and minimize stress for his team.

Spending 60% on a Manual Appeals Process

Prior to working with DocVocate, The Auctus Group was handling their appeals and denials management process manually. Filling out Word docs and Adobe templates in their practice management systems was a time-consuming process where billers spent 60% of their time managing denials, rejections, and aged receivables.

Because an appeal isn’t a transaction that is tracked in most systems, The Auctus Group didn’t have visibility into their ongoing submissions effort. “It’s a bit of a black box, but I’d estimate that we’ve been running thousands of appeals on a monthly basis,” said John.

John was looking for an appeals management solution that would positively transform their entire process, and DocVocate was up to the task. DocVocate works with any payer, PM system, and clearinghouse to automate the appeals submission process. All claims and appeals data is available within a single platform.

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Efficient Collaborating

Efficient Collaborating

I chose DocVocate because I couldn’t really find anything comparable on the market,” said John. “There’s really nothing else that allows me to play with a broader tech stack or multiple tech stacks and link in with every PM system and every clearinghouse I need.”

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John Gwin
CEO at The Auctus Group
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Saving 75% on Every Appeals Submission

By using DocVocate, The Auctus Group is rapidly processing appeals—cutting down time spent on each appeal by approximately 75%. This time savings really adds for John’s billing teams who are now gaining anywhere from a half hour to multiple hours back into their day.

In addition to massive time savings, DocVocate has also made an often-tedious process much more enjoyable for The Auctus Group.

“Let’s be honest…appealing an insurance company is not always super fun,” said John. “DocVocate has a little bit of gamification in the update emails, which is super helpful for running the process across the team and making the whole appeals process a little more enjoyable.”

John has found that the DocVocate platform helps keep team members motivated, while the extra time savings gives them more flexibility with how they structure their day. All of this contributes to a healthier and happier team environment, in addition to enabling business operations success.

It’s So Invaluable That We Can’t Even Put a Value on It

Now that The Auctus Group is including DocVocate into their workflow, the amount in AR has reduced significantly as well.

“For me as a business owner, it’s invaluable to actually have numbers where I wouldn’t have had anything prior without checking off spreadsheets,” said John. “Having that visibility is super valuable.”

DocVocate also offers a hands-on approach with customer success efforts to ensure that needs are met. For John, this sense of trust and responsiveness was key when choosing an appeals management solution.

“I absolutely love working with the DocVocate team. It doesn’t feel like I’m working with a vendor. It feels like I’m working with a true partner,” John said. “They’re responsive. They’re honest. They’re on it.”

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